What is Degustacja Sake?

Degustacja sake was found in 2019. We are the first sake tasting club in Poland. Our mission is to tell people in Europe about sake, which is very delicate and traditional beverage in Japan. We would like to tell how to drink sake and introduce the culture and happiness from Japanese philosophy. One of our main motto is “Omotenashi (おもてなし)”. It can be translated as “hospitality”, but this word includes sentimental feeling towards customers as it contains selflessness and anticipation. We will assure you gentle and comfortable atmosphere, cultural experience and we bring much of joy to your heart. 

How does the tasting event look like?

Our main goal is that customer understand what sake is. So, we usually introduce three types of sake. They have different tastes because they are produced in different ways, in different regions. We kindly explain you the character of sake, the place they are made in, the way of tasting sake. Sake sommelier carefully selects our collections and they are not on the Polish market yet. 

In addition, Japanese people prefer to drink sake assisted by cuisine than to drink sake itself. Japanese people create exclusive cuisines culture in their long history. During our event, we provide snacks, which are suitable for the sake tasting. You will discover the new sense on your tongue with the amusing marriage of foods and sake. For customer’s pleasure, we always discuss the cuisine to serve with the restaurant.

What’s else, we can tell- Japanese history, geography, literature and arts

We are aware of the distance between Europe and Japan. So, we don’t only pour sake to your cup, but also we invite you to the cultural travel. We will tell you about Japanese history, geography, literature and arts. The scenery changes when you move a little. We will deliver all kinds of joy to customers.