What is Ginjyo-shu(吟醸酒)?

What is Ginjyo-shu(吟醸酒)?

Ginjyo-shu is the group of sake and within this group, you can find 3 other types of sake.

Ginjyo-syu tends to have rich flavor like melon, banana and pineapple and its taste is very refreshing. And there was a little history why this type of sake was made.

During Meiji era(1868-1912), Japanese goverment pushed support sake makers as alcohol tax is very important for them. Japanese government also have found national sake competiton (全国清酒品評会) and sake makers polished their skills to be prized.

To produce ginkgo-syu, sake makers must do 2 additional processes. 

One is that rice grains for ginjyou-syu should be polished more than 40%. There is starch inside of rice grain and there is protein surface of it. If sake is made of inside part of rice, the taste would be sophisticated. However, the taste would be rough if it contains protein part of rice grain.  

Other one is that temperature. All of Ginny-syu have fermentation process in low temperature(10-12 degree). Because of it, the flavor becomes fruity. Although the ingredients is slowly fermented in low temperature. So, ginjyou syu tends to be expensive as it takes  more time than other types of sake.

Furthermore, I explain 4 types of ginjyou-syu.

A, Dai-ginjyou-syu(大吟醸酒)

Dai-ginjyou-syu is more exclusive than ginjyou-syu because its rice is polished 50%, which means sake maker use only half amount of rice grain. Because of this delicated effort, sake becomes more refreshing taste and more fruity flavor.

B. Jyunmai-Ginji-syu(純米吟醸酒)

Jyunmai-ginjyo-syu is one of type of Ginjyo-syu. In general, Sake maker adds high percentage of alcohol which made of sugarcane. It affects of Sake as reinforcements. In contrast, Jyunmai-ginjyo-syu does not contain it. Jyunmai- ginjyo-syu is clam taste with fruity flavor. It can be suit various cuisines.

C. Jyunmai-daiginjyo(純米大吟醸)

It is combination of jyunmai-syu and dai-ginjyo. It is not added any alcohols after fermentation. Also, it’s rice grain is polished more than 50%. So, the taste is very refreshing and fruity.