What is hiyaoroshi(冷やおろし)?

What is hiyaoroshi(冷やおろし)?

Hiyaoroshi is seasonal sake. You can buy it in only autumn. It’s making process is different from normal sake.

Normally, sake requires makers so much delication. When the past we didn’t have technology for making alcohol, sake was easily ruined by bacteria and several types of acid.

Especially, Lactobacillus(Japanese name: Hoichi-kin=火落ち菌) is one of problematic bacteria as they change the sake taste sour. It can survive during sake’s furmantation process. So, several sake maker have faced serious problem with this bacteria.

So, how Japanese people prevend this problem? 

They invented “Hiire(火入れ)” process. This means that makers warm up sake up to 63 degrees after they put sake into the storage tank and before they sell. It also has good the side effect that sake’s taste become stayable.

It is the long way to explain…So, what is Hiyaoroshi?

Hiyaoroshi is seasonal sake and it is on the market from August until October. This type of Sake is skipped the second heating process, which means you should drink it as early as possible because sake’s condition is easily changed.

On the other hand, this type of Sake is more mild and smooth than others. It would be suitable with autumn foods such as mashroom, hotpot and other fish cuisine.