Introducing Sake Sommelier

The message from our Sake Sommelier

Thank you for visiting our page. Sake is my country beverage. We drink sake in daily life and in special occations. I would say that our culture is always with this beverage. So, it is my pleasure to bring my culture towards Europe.

In the sake making process, there is the step, is called “Migaki(磨き)”. It means “to polish” and it is the initial step to making sake. Sake maker has to polish each rice grain as there are unnecessary ingredients on surface of rice grain. In middle era, sake maker can polish only 20% of rice grain by water wheel and it took more than 30 hours. Nowadays, sake maker use electricity for this process and they can polish 75% of rice grain. However, it takes more than 70 hours.

I believe that this process is made because of sake maker’s passion and love for sake. Japanese craftsman always do hardworking and they fully respect the quality of products as they want see customers smile and happiness.

We organize the group of degustacja sake in this year. And I am the one who starts it from the scratch. I always think how to tell the story about sake. I always try to make this event the best in the world. Who knows how long we will run this group? Maybe it would run towards my life. In this journey, I would like to polish=migaki(磨き) our group like Japanese sake markers. I would like to send happiness and precious vibes to Europe.

For all people who visit this page, Kandai(乾杯)!! *Kanpai=Cheers