SAKE GUIDE for beginner

What Sake is?

Sake is Japanese tradional alcohol. Polish people and other European don’t know this beverage yet.

Here I wrote Sake guide for beginner. This aims that everybody can understand and would like to try Sake even they believe Sake is like vodka.

Sake shows you very complicated and beautiful world, which is very very profound…I tried to write this instruction as easy as you can finish to reading within 10 minutes. This is created based on my experience as Sake Sommelier and native Japanese. It would be helpful if you are beginner of sake world.

  • Introduction
  • Sake’s nutrition
  • How sake is made
  • What’s No-minication?
  • Upcoming Event


Thank you very much for being interested in sake. As I am native Japanese , born and raised in Japan and experience as sake Sommelier in Poland, I would like to introduce Sake’s world. My career of being with alcohol has started in 2006. I was a barman in Tokyo. I have experienced to serve not only sake but also wine, beer and whisky. Since then, I travel around the world to see new people and scenery, but wherever I was, the country of my heart was Japan. The turning point was 2019. I was joining the wine club in Poland and one of my friends asked that “You are Japanese. Please organize degustation sake for us”. I took it as a good opportunity to show my culture then, I prepared the material, draft and several type of Sake. In my event, I saw that my friends eye were shinning. At the same time, I felt being home finally with full of pleasure. I realized what 生きがい(life and passion) is.

My first Sake tasting in Poland

Sake is mysterious beverage which let my friend go to Japanese brewery and stayed there for 3 weeks instead of visiting to Tokyo, Osaka or other touristic cites or other friend have been attending Rice planting workshops and his rewards was backache and muddy water on face. I can teach Terroir and other details if you want. However, I aim to write this book for a person who completely beginner and who never taste sake yet. I know that you are into the darkness now. Don’t be afraid. I will lit the light and lead your hand to show the right direction.

what Sake is made of?

My Sake collections. They will be available in June, 2020.

Sake is clear color and is poured in small cup like vodka. So, beginners easily misundertand that “Sake is like VODKA”. Here is the reason, why I am writting and doing the activity. Sake is not similar to vodka, this is more likely wine as both of them are fermenated products. Also, Sake is very nutritious. It contains plenty of amino acid, vitamin and polyphenol. In fact, Sake has more than 700 hundreds of nutrients which is incomparable with others! Of course, these nutrients gives fantastic affection towards our own health. Protein makes fresh and strong skin, nail and hair. Also, vitamins and polyphenol help keeping your beauty and youth. One of Japanese quotes is “酒は百薬の長” which means the proper amount of sake helps you having long living. Even in Eastern Medicine, it is said that only a few types alcohol keeps your body warm and protect from germ and virus and Sake is counted as one of them.

How Sake made ?

Then, what Sake is made of? They are only made of Water, Rice and Koji, ( Aspergillus Oryzae ). Koji is type of germ which is only found in Japan. Sake brewery starts to make Sake after hervest in autumn. There are several type of rice but most of brewery use their local rice because of keeping their traditional taste. There are a lot of people in brewery and the leader is called “杜氏”. They should be very qualified as the sake is very sensitive and small details change tastes. Rice is a part of starch and protein, which means brewery delete all protein part and use only starch to change it into sugar. At the same time of changing into sugar, these sugar change into alcohol which happens in the same meanwhile. Multiparalell fermentation, this complication makes sake’s flavour and taste. When you smell 大吟醸(Daigin-jyo)’s aroma, you can feel banana, pinapple, apple and tripical aroma. When you sip 純米酒(Jyun-maisyu) once or twice and keep them into your mouth , you feel citrus, lime, bamboo, plum, black tea, green tea, also some artichoke, asparagus and meatly flavour, even miso, soy-source and boiled rice flavour!! makes sake’s taste so different from other alcohol and makes the most nutrian alcohol in the world!

In front of Sake brewery.

Drinking Culture in Japan

There are plenty of words , which are related to Sake such as 飲み会(nomi-kai=drinking party), 飲みにケーション(nomi-nication=drink and communication), 飲み明かす(nomi-akasu=drinking over the night) and so on.

Japanese people need have a plenty of occations to have sake, not only bars and pubs but also the most traditional even “お正月(Oshogatsu=new year’s celemony)” as Sake is deeply conncted to Japanese ancient religious , is called “神道(Shinto)”.

Japanese maiden in shrine

Also, the drinking party is very important for integration from working and another activities. I remember that I was asked by colleagues to go to pubs after work or people from other sports activity organized drinking occasion after practice. Because Japanese people are too serious for their own work and practice and there are no time to break. However, people start to be open-mined with 1 or 2 glasses of sake. Alcohol makes your body warm and relax, then we start to talk various topics. Even Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has asked Former American president Barack Obama to go to his favorite sushi bar. This tiny restaurant only accepts 5-7 people at once with authentic Sushi and sake. After that, they have been tighten with special bond. This is the atmosphere I would like to bring to Poland and other European counties. After having sake with people, you will notice that you and other are absolutely integrated !!

The top and secret meeting with Sake

What happen Sake in Poland 2020?

I know that my passion is Sake and here I am living in Poland. I love Poland. It is not only because of my wife is Polish. As I am living in Poland for 4 years(that’s a lot actually!), I love polish people’s hospitality, honesty and intelligence. I am sure that you country will grow more and more. My life mission is that makes people happy with Sake. It is the most thing that I would like to acheve. I can see the future that Polish people go Nihonsyu liquar shop and buy and choose one sake bottle from 200 different kinds of bottles. Some businessman takes beatiful dress-up woman to the fine-dining restaurants and start to talk his knowledge of sake. Some family gives one georgeous sake bottle to their grand-parents who dream to go to Japan. All the things come true in my vision. It is one of my fixed schedule.

In the next article, I will introduce my collections. They are up-coming soon and Poland will encounter this aromatic and authentic beverage!!

Thank you very much for reading. At last, not at least, we have a quarantine term but I organize the ONLINE SAKE tasting,

14.05.2020 Degustacja Sake ONLINE with Sake Maruta

Degustacja Sake(Sake Experience) has business cooperation with Sake Maruta, which primal sake distritutor in Poland. I and its CEO Bartosz Pezz share the same vision and future for Sake in Poland. All the collections I will introduce is available in Sake Maruta’s website(URL:asdlfkjajka)!!! If you are interteste in jioing hte event, please visite at our Social Media page Facebook, Instagarm.

Stay home, Stay Tune!! See you soon in the next article.